Philosophy : Incremental "Life Upgrading"

April 18, 2020

We've heard stories of people winning the lottery and then being broke several years letter - or artists who become famous only to die a year later from drug addiciton.

These people have reached the heights of 'fame' and 'wealth', but for some reason end up in a disasterous state. Why?

It is because they have failed to incrementally improve ('life upgrading')

Examples of failed lottery winners

So, how does 'life upgrading' work?

Instead of going for lofty goals, you analyze small segments of your life or character / improve.

Lets say you realize you want to be famous. What steps could you break this into to accomplish this goal. Start a blog? Start a podcast? Learn to network?

The challenge is to create lists of actionable tasks that incrementally achieve the goal.

Similar to the way that software is developed, you can take a look at the 'features' of your life and gradually improve them over time. You break the goal of massive 'success' and 'fame' into more manageable chunks to accomplish. You feel progress as you gradually complete each chunk (and avoid the massive downfall).

Example of a software roadmap showing features developed over time